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AMON, in Thai, means “PURITY”

With pure motive of AMON, we intend to deliver the best product and best valuesto every individual concern sincerely and whole-heartedly.

For our “Customers” AMON delivers refined products extracted from nature and produced with modern technology, for customers to experience the miraculous power of skin beauty in affordable price.
For our “Partners” AMON provides friendly and Cooperative working environment as well as transparent work ethics.
For our “Homeland” AMON contributes to the society by bringing the greenness back to Thailand, supporting
Thai products extracted from nature, along with improving locals' life quality by providing stable career paths.
Let AMON be a humble inspiration source and rise up the sense of “cordially giving”. AMON believes that value of giving will return pure happiness to society.

Production Procedures

“AMON HERB” believes in the ultimate natural value of Thai herbs, when combined with modern technology becomes the greatest products for our “value customers”. It is our passion to deliver the best to the customers. AMON is mindful in every delicate step from researching, designing, and delivering. Starting from selecting pure seeds to join the exquisite process of producing refined products. All of our products are laboratory-tested for guaranteed safety and efficiency.
AMON strongly believes that the value of giving accounts for true happiness. Thus, we aim to give the best for everyone, as well as provide locals with career options in order to improve their life quality,
and return goodness to our homeland.


A Land of Beauty and Grace

“Paper Mulberry” a precious gift naturally derived fromThailand's mild and fertile environment.

Originated from Paper Mulberry

Planted in Thailand

Paper mulberry is the value of beauty discovered from Thai wisdom, as a precious gift from wealthy fertile and climate. Paper mulberry plays a significant role in the development of hand papermaking, which requires delicacy and tenderness. Recently, researchers found that paper mulberry extract contains efficient whitening agent.

Miracle of Paper Mulberry

Wonderfully brightens the skin to a highly satisfactory degree.
AMON is safe even on sensitive skin.


Paper Mulberry, an extract of nature

30 ml.
Price 1,280.-
Paper mulberry
Paper mulberry extract
provides brighter and
tender skin.
Beach morning glory
Beach morning glory extract
reduces skin irritation.
Other natural flower
Other natural flower extracts
help to relax the skin.
Turmeric extract
helps support
as a skin conditioner.
Perilla leaf
Perilla leaf extract
strengthens the skin.
Onion extract
reduces unwanted dark spots.

AMON Combines the Values
of Natural Extracts Beautifully

1100% Tender extracts
from nature.
2Not causing allergy
or irritation.
3Leave zero-harm
to the skin in
long term.

How it Works

รูปภาพ การทำงาน
93.3% of sample users clearly exhibit brighter skin.*
90% of sample users show more tender skin with reduced marks and wrinkles.*
Facial spots are caused by melanin gathering. Paper mulberry extract has the capacity to restrain melanin production in Melanocytes, so that melanin will not be scattered to other skin layers. Thus, paper mulberry extract can prevent spots and brighten facial skin.
* Tested with 30 Thai Lady volunteers with the continuous consumption for two weeks by Mae Fah Luang University.

Guaranteed Results

How AMON Works“Kazinol F”, the extract from paper mulberry for skin-whitening, will cease the function of enzyme tyrosinase, which is the essential enzyme in producing melanin pigment. “Kazinol F” is the most capable substance in ceasing the role of melanin as compared to any other natural extracts.

AMON Intensive Whitening Serum contains 8% paper mulberry extract, rich of “Kazinol F”, capable of halting the production of melanin pigment down to the level of originating cells, enable the skin to look brighter than using Kojic Acid many times and more than Vitamin C many more times, while being tender and safe to sensitive skins.


of sample users clearly
exhibit brighter skin.*

of sample users show more
tender skin with reduced marks
and wrinkles.*
* Tested with 30 Thai Lady volunteers with the continuous consumption for two weeks by Mae Fah Luang University.
Nandhini Amranand ( Age 26 )
“My face is brightened, with faded spots, and smoother skin - Making up is an easier task.”
Sasithorn Ngamachariyakul ( Age 28 )
“After 2 weeks, my skin is gradually brightened- Not causing any harms.”
Jitramas Watana-ug ( Age 28 )
“Noticeable radiant skin and more effective than Vitamin C.”
Pitchayaporn Taivejasart ( Age 23 )
“Glowing, Radiant, Non-irritated, and Healthy looking skin.”
Chanana Assamongkorn ( Age 28 )
“Within 2 weeks, my face is brighter, my skin did not turn red after sunburn any more.”
Ms. Sucharat Nitisakarin ( Age 26 )
“My skin is very sensitive, but AMON is totally safe for me.”
Pratana Tejavibulya ( Age 29 )
“Thai herb extracts work better than any high-ended brand I have ever used.”
Malinee Chapoo ( Age 30 )
“I am so flattered by the glowing and younger look that everyone notices.”
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